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Partnerships Expedite Change in Our Community

Our partners help create an innovative and progressive environment where every employee has a voice and a chance to grow their talents. Many partners look to ibMilwaukee as the "real world" testing ground for new technology used in manufacturing and office professionals.


ibMilwaukee is a proud partner of eSight; a new groundbreaking, wearable assistive device that allows the visually impaired to see. Through this partnership, eSight and ibMilwaukee are working towards perfecting a technology that will make an extraordinary difference for those living with visual impairment.

Vision Forward works to empower and educate individuals and their families about vision loss, as well as the support system and resources that are available. ibMilwaukee has become an integral part of that support system by partnering with Vision Forward to help provide blind professionals with the opportunity to work, grow, and develop life skills through meaningful employment.

HP has teamed up with ibMilwaukee to produce Blind Living Radio, a weekly Podcast discussing issues important to the blind community. HP is a proud sponsor of the production studio at ibMilwaukee headquarters, as well as some featured guests throughout the year. 

ibMilwaukee and Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) have partnered up to provide safe, efficient transportation for the employees of ib. By providing an onsite bus shelter, and using programs like the Go! Pass, many of ib’s visually impaired employees can ride to work independently, securely and confidently.

A production of ibMilwaukee from the HP studio, BLR discusses news and topics important to the blind community as a whole. Tune in every week to hear host, Harley Thomas, and esteemed guests cover topics ranging from assistive technology, to advances in guide dog training, to cooking techniques for the blind.

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Industries for the Blind, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing meaningful careers to blind professionals by making things that meet real customer needs in the highest quality way

We serve a wide range of customers from the federal government and military installations, to Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. We provide these companies with the supplies they need to keep daily operations running smoothly but also with the things that make them smile, the things that make them competitive, the things that give them their edge.

These supplies include anything and everything from office supplies to furniture and janitorial to tool and maintenance products all the way to custom manufactured items that meet precise and complex industry specific parameters.

"One can never consent to creep when one feels an impulse to soar."
Helen Keller
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