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Leadership Team

CJ Lange

As our President and CEO, CJ directs a highly skilled team of industry experts in the pursuit of providing meaningful employment for the blind. He joined ibMilwaukee (Industries for the Blind, Inc.) in May of 2000, and is proud to be one of the many outstanding leaders and pioneers of the organization. CJ’s innovative ideas and successful programs have significantly increased ibMilwaukee’s business, as well as professional blind employment opportunities across the United States.

In 2003, CJ received the ibMilwaukee Achievement Award in recognition of his outstanding growth and dedication to advancing blind employment. Under CJ's management, the company expanded blind employment opportunities into completely new departments including inside sales, e-commerce, and furniture. CJ's dedication to his co-workers is evidenced in his daily work, and he demonstrates his commitment to the community by serving as Treasurer for the Board of Education, district of Hartford, Wis. (2008-2014) and as board member for the Hartford Park View Heights Association (2010-Present).

Cindy Pinkley

Cindy Pinkley joined ibMilwaukee (Industries for the Blind, Inc.) in 2008 as Controller, and was named Chief Financial Officer in 2014. In this role, Cindy’s financial expertise and enthusiasm power her to run a lean team in our Accounting department, and she continues to help forge new career paths for the visually impaired, as leader of our Organizational Development team.  Cindy also manages our Human Resources department, where her commitment and passion for safeguarding blind employment truly shine through.

Cindy has over 20 years of experience as a key decision maker, a role that is strengthened by her efforts to automate and streamline processes across the organization. Cindy’s dedication and energetic management style continue to help fortify the internal structure of ib; for today, and well into the future.




Patrick Crain

As Chief Manufacturing & Logistics Officer, Patrick Crain provides day-to-day oversight of operations, and leads all efforts in manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and engineering for ibMilwaukee. With over 20 years of progressive distribution and manufacturing experience, Pat has the knowledge and business savvy to manage ibs multiple facilities, and multi-team projects.

Patrick’s dedication to system development and implementation is a testament to his drive for continuous improvement, at both the service level, and the financial level. His dedication to his team is evidenced through his mentorship style of management. By aiding in the success of his associates, Pat continues to strengthen the framework for his team, and the entire organization as a whole.

Rich Weigold

In May of 1996, Rich Weigold started with ibMilwaukee as a Warehouse, Shipping/Receiving Manager Manager and over the next several years advanced to Vice President of Manufacturing. In this role, Rich was responsible for the management and operations planning that would lead the company through an amazing time of growth and expansion. Rich helped to create a legacy of employment opportunities by promoting manufacturing channels that created extensive blind labor hours for the visually impaired at ib. Through new business opportunities and partnerships, Rich will continue developing growth opportunities.

Named Sr. Vice President of Product Development in December of 2016, Rich continues to provide leadership and strategic planning to identify new market and business opportunities for the future. By expanding  AbilityOne product development, Rich continues to shape new markets and develop strategies for market expansion while generating opportunities for employment growth of blind individuals.

Blind Living Radio

Tune in every week to hear host,  Harley Thomas, along with special guest hosts, discuss life in the blind community. We will cover topics ranging from life with a guide dog to advances in assistive technology. Nothing is off limits on Blind Living Radio.

This week, host Harley Thomas welcomes respected blind advocate, evangelist and Executive Director of the Jernigan Institute at the National Federation of the Blind, Mr. Anil Lewis. Anil's leadership, passion and accomplishments provide inspiration for the blind and sighted community alike. Join us for his very special appearance on this week's episode of Blind Living Radio.

Blind Living Radio
Justin Greenwood, Machine Operator
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