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Industries for the Blind, Inc.
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Blind Living Radio

Tune in every week to hear host,  Harley Thomas, along with special guest hosts, discuss life in the blind community. We will cover topics ranging from life with a guide dog to advances in assistive technology. Nothing is off limits on Blind Living Radio.

This week, host Harley Thomas welcomes respected blind advocate, evangelist and Executive Director of the Jernigan Institute at the National Federation of the Blind, Mr. Anil Lewis. Anil's leadership, passion and accomplishments provide inspiration for the blind and sighted community alike. Join us for his very special appearance on this week's episode of Blind Living Radio.

Blind Living Radio
"I get excited when I stop to think about just how many words have the letters I and B in them. A few examples that come to mind are accessible, possible and incredible."
Steve Heesen, Inside Sales Associate
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